Strategic Partnership Executive

Job Description

  1. Actively participate in the development of projects and strategic partnership business plan, product development, sales and marketing strategy in liaison with the Director Of Operations.
  2. Actively pursue and acquire on an on-going basis, new and competitive accounts for strategic partnerships, financial institutions and value chains with emphasis on digital payments services.
  3. Prepare and make presentations for prospective partners and designated clients  and manage business proposal generation, presentations and RFP responses.
  4. Provide leadership and manage cross functional implementation of various projects and strategic partnership initiatives across teams.
  5. Design process flows, Standard Operating Procedures(SOP) and project plans for various activities.
  6. Provide efficient account management support services to all designated accounts including attending to the day to day project and strategic partnership operational activities, reporting, reconciliation requirements for the designated accounts in liaison with the respective teams.
  7. Act as liaison between the strategic partners, financial Institutions and special value chain partners and field Operations teams with regard to contract and information management, Agent service provision, customers and digital payments services and inquires.
  8. Monitor growth, performance and retention of  projects and strategic partnerships accounts.
  9. Manage customer relationships at both strategic & operational level for all designated projects and strategic partnership Institutions.
  10. Identify special projects  and  harness strategic partnership opportunities, campaigns, services, and distribution channels in order to grow the business revenue across the country.
  11. Collect business intelligence, develop competitive projects and partnerships in order to achieve cutting edge innovation in the mobile money business arena.
  12. Supervision of designated support personnel for the projects channel to ensure fulfilment of the designated roles and responsibilities.
  13. Work closely with the technical team to develop innovative projects and partnerships in order to further grow the strategic partnership business channels revenue.
  14. Represent SME100 Nigeria at assigned meetings and committees as  deployed by Director of Operations from time to time.
  15. Adherence to all company policies, procedures and business ethical conduct.
  16. May be assigned other responsibilities from time to time.

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